Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Introduction of Artificial Intelligence

“Artificial Intelligence is observing patterns, keeping a record (storage) of those observations and making decisions on the bases of observed and stored patterns. AI makes it possible for machines to a response like a human.” In addition An agent learns from its environment, stored that and reacts on the bases of past knowledge.

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Artificial Intelligence

Activities that we relate to human activities likewise thinking, recognition, storage, perception, decision making and problem-solving by machines are all kinds of AI.

Artificial Intelligence includes the following principles:


To communicate an AI agent needs a natural language like English. But AI agents are familiar with some of the human languages. They learn these languages from a human. For example Google’s assistant of NLP. Your assistant trains on your voice and accent. Hence examples are Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana.


Representation of information about the world that a system can analyze and perform the task on the basis of that information. An agent can represent his past knowledge as human. However It can make intelligent decisions on the basis of that knowledge.


AI agent reasons on the basis of what it knows or what it has seen.

Principles of AI


AI agent uses the information stored and patterns it previously observed to draw conclusions. An agent adapt to new environment and extrapolate patterns. Therefore An agent perceives through his sensors and keeps records or stores that information to act on the environment.

Computer vision

To perceive objects by using sensors and learning techniques. Cameras used to take images. And algorithms have been designed to intelligently use that data. in addition to facial recognition, fire detection through cameras, attendance of employees and students through cameras are the example of computer vision.


Moving objects that can work as a human. Robotics comprises three major fields that are electrical, mechanical and software. Hence Mechanical and electrical engineers designed and developed Robots while software engineers and computer scientists do programming.


Computer programs for agents to act rationally. AI Agents trained/programmed in such a way that they can intelligently take decisions with precision near to humans. in addition to

The foundations of artificial intelligence







Foundation of AI

What can AI do today?

Driver fewer vehicles

Driver fewer vehicles also called autonomous vehicles or self-driven vehicles are those that can move without a human or with a very little effort from a human. Hence autonomous vehicles perceive the environment using a combination of sensors radar, Sonar, Lidar, GPS, odometry and inertial measurement units. Therefore these sensors, vehicles can sense obstacles and dangers.

Moreover Mercedes Benz has worked on self-driven cars.  Audi is working on self-driven cars. The new A8 automatically drives up to 60Kmph (37 miles). Waymo is the first company that commercializes fully autonomous taxi service in the US. Such as Many US states allowed the testing of autonomous vehicles on public roads including Washington.

Speech recognition

There is many smart devices for example cell phones, tablets, laptops and PC’s use speech recognition. It is the sub-field of linguistics that develops methodologies and techniques. That translates the speech into text.

Moreover the pitch and intensity of one’s voice are matched and recognized. Examples of speech recognition are Google’s Assistant Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana.

Automatic scheduling

Planing is related to decision making. Automatic plans are generated according to schedules. It also and keeping track of regular routines. In the meantime This is mainly used for spaceships to automatically launch the spaceships. Planing agents construct plains that achieve their goal and then implement them.


Spam is something irrelevant to you. Anti-spam is also called spam fighter. Junk mails, marketing emails, unnecessary and irrelevant emails, bulk mails, messages, and calls cause a lot of stress and irritation.

In addition Spam fighting or anti-spam technologies are used to prevent spam emails, messages and calls. Phishing is also spam. when the user enters his username and password spammers get illegal access to one’s account. In such circumstances, anti-scam is necessary for everyone. Antispam detects spam very intelligently and block them.

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